Replacing an Image

Replacing an Image

Go to the image record in the library

  1. Click on the images tab
  2. Select the appropriate category in the navigation window.
  3. Select the image record from list in the main window.
  4. Select the file tab

Correctly name the replacement

Ensure that the new image file has the exact same name as the file it is replacing.  The File-name field contains the exact text.  

Top tip: copy this text and rename the file with it.

Replace the file

  1. Click on replace
  2. Select the file on your computer which is correctly named.
  3. Choose "Upload this file"


The image file has been replaced.  All pages that displayed the old image will now display the new one.

I still see the old image!

To save on transferring images, your browser (or network) may have cached the old image file.  That is, it saves a copy of the image on your computer.  As the file name remains the same, your browser/network does not download the new image.  

Refreshing the browser window generally clears this issue.