Adding a New User

How to add a new user to the CMS.


When working in users, categories are displayed in the narrow left window. Lists of users or user details are displayed in the wide right window.

Before creating a new user, decide if you wish to limit them to a section (or sections) of the site. If so, make a note of the pageID(s) of the top level pages within the site hierarchy where they will have permissions.

Open the New user form

  1. Click the "Users" tab.
  2. The "Categories" load in the left window. 
  3. Locked pages and recent site changes appear in the right window.

In the new user form:

Role Title can be either their role within your organisation or the web site, however, this should be consistent across users.

Start Page The pageId(s) of the page(s) within the site hierarchy where the user will have access.  For full site access, enter "1".  If you wish to restrict the user to the News section, and the pageID of News is 15, enter 15.  For multiple sections, enter a comma separated list (e.g. 15, 27, 139)

Email address  This information is important: the email address will serve as their user-name for logging in to the system.  It also allows Wholething to contact the user directly if necessary.

Expiry Date Beginning on this date the user will no longer be able to log in.

Grant permissions. 

Tick those permissions that you wish the user to have.  See the Permissions section of this section for more information about what each permission allows.

Click "Add User" to add the user to the system.

Invite new user to the system

  1. You will now see the new user record.  
  2. Click the "Send user invitation" button.  This will open a new screen, with the text of the invitation email.  You may amend this text, but do not alter the hyperlinks.
  3. When the user follows the link in the email...
  4. they will be prompted for a new password.  
  5. Once they have set it, they should click the "log in" button and log in with their email address and new password.