Add a Page

How to add a new page to your web site using Wholething Content Management System.

Enter "Site Mode"

Site Mode

  1. To enter "Site Mode" click the "Site" tab.

When you enter "Site Mode" the "Sitemap" loads in the Left Window and the Home Page loads in the Right Window

Choose a "Parent Page"

 Selected Page

  1. In the Sitemap select the page that you wish to become the "Parent" of your new page.

Click on the "Plus icons (+)" to expand the tree if necessary.

Create "New Page"

Add a Page

  1. Click the "New Page" icon and the "Page Properties" page will load in the right window.

Add "Page Titles" and "Description"

 Add a Page

  1. Fill in the Long title, Short and Description and click the "Add this page" button.

Long Titles are used in:

  • The title bar in the top of web browsers
  • As the first heading in the content of web pages
  • As the heading in index pages
  • As a heading in search engine listings above a description

The Short Title appears usually only in left and right navigation bars.

The Description appears beneath "Long Title" in "Index" listings (as in a search engine)

You have now added a new page.