Move a Page

How to move a page to anywhere within the website. This action automatically moves all of the moved page's child pages.

Enter "Site" mode

Site Mode

  1. To enter "Site Mode" click the "Site" tab.
The "Sitemap" loads in the Left Window.
The Home Page loads in the Right Window

Move a page

In this case, we will be moving a page about tomatoes from the Vegetables page to the Fruit page.

  1. Click the "Site" tab
  2. Select the page you want to move, in this case the Tomato page
  3. Click the "Move Page" button

Select Parent Page

Move a page

To move the page, select the page in the "Sitemap" you want to move the page to.


Move a page

This page has now become the child of that page.

Note: When moving a parent page, a parent page's children will also be moved with it.