Delete a Page

How to remove a page from your web site using Wholething Content Management System.

In general, it is best to not delete pages from your website.  Why?  Some of your users who have been interested in this page may have bookmarked it, other sites may have made links to it.

Best Practice: adapt the content

If possible, adapt the content of your page to reflect whatever changes have occured.  You may wish to use Content Versions to acheive this automatically.

Example: Event.  Let users know that the event took place, and that everyone had a good time.  Even if you only have one company picnic per year, if you remove the page from the site it is not apparent that you have such events.

2nd Best: archive the page

If you don't want the page in your site any more, set its archive date.  This will hide the page from your users as soon as the archive date is passed, but it will still be easily found by your web-team.  

Example: Job advert.  You may not wish to remind users that you were looking for a new CFO.  But it will be very handy in the future when you need to re-advertise the post in a few years time to be able to quickly find the archived version.

Move to Deleted Pages

If you do not want the Left Pane cluttered up with lots of archived pages, you can always move them to the Deleted pages section.  You can even add new pages to this section to create an archival structure.

Pages in the Deleted Pages section cannot be viewed by users.

It is worth remembering that if your website has been indexed by search engines that your content may well be copied and stored elsewhere even though you have removed it from your website.